Instruction on "moving" "DrWeb" Enterprise Server to another PC.

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Instruction on "moving" "DrWeb" Enterprise Server to another PC.

Sometimes there is necessary to "move" working "DrWeb" Enterprise Server to another physical PC, for example because of the PC equipment failure or as a result of reorganisation the infrastructure of LAN.

How to do it ?

1. Stop the "DrWeb" Enterprise Server service on the PC.

2. Copy (backup) the next files from the server: (It is important to copy those files when server service is stopped.)

- %ES%\var\repository\ (this folder with all data that this folder contains)

- %ES%\var\dbinternal.dbs (the database file)

- %ES%\etc\drwcsd.pri - %ES%\Installer\ (files of private and public keys)

- %ES%\etc\drwcsd.conf (server configuration file)

- %ES% (the program installation folder, default == "..\program files\drweb enterprise server\")

3. Install "DrWeb" Enterprise Server product on the new PC with all default settings. (Use the exact or higher version of "DrWeb" Enterprise Server distributive file, not lower one.)

4. Stop "DrWeb" Enterprise Server service on the new PC.

5. Copy the saved (backuped) files (chapter 2) up on the new server. (It is important to copy theese files when "DrWeb" Enterprise Server is stopped.)

6. Check if the server works correct.

Other actions are not necessary if server works correct.

It is not necessary to reconfigure client part PC's without the specification of IP - adress of the server during the installation of "DrWeb" ES agent.

(Client PC's may find "DrWeb" Enterprise Server using multicast- or broadcast- requests)

Otherwise it is necessary to reconfigure the client part agents on a new "DrWeb" Enteprise Suite adress.

You may also reconfigure IP - adress of "DrWeb" Enterprise Server for all agents that are in LAN in that moment through the "DrWeb" Enterprise Console.

It is necessary to reboot the client part PC's after all actions.

It may be necessary to update the database to the currient version of it if the version of "DrWeb" Enterprise Suite installed on the new PC is higher than on the previous (old PC) one.

The service will not work in that case.

A new record like:

"20061011.121813.14 FTL 001432/noname [DbMgr] Incompatible database version 49, expected 50"

may appear in:



The procedure of updating the database may help in this situation. (The procedure of updating makes with stopped service.)

You may try the next command line for updating the database:

"C:\Program Files\DrWeb Enterprise Server\bin\drwcsd.exe" "-home=C:\Program Files\DrWeb Enterprise Server\." "-exe-root=C:\Program Files\DrWeb Enterprise Server\." "-var-root=C:\Program Files\DrWeb Enterprise Server\var\." -verbosity=ALL upgradedb "C:\Program Files\DrWeb Enterprise Server\var\update-db\."

After the database updating the mistake may disappear.

The second serious moment that may happen during "moving" "DrWeb" Enterprise Server on another PC is when the exact network interface on that "DrWeb" Enterprise Suite works was specified on the old server PC.

This data may be recorded in the end of the next file:


Transport "drwcs" "tcp/" "udp/"

You may just edit this data and reboot the PC after this action.

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You may follow the next link to download the manual on "DrWeb" Enterprise Suite to get more detail information about "DrWeb" Enterprise Suite product: